Ideas for a holiday in Kościelisko

Hiking in the mountains

Kościelisko lies in the very south of Poland and is often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Western Tatras’. It’s a splendid starting point for mountain trips, both for beginners and advanced hikers. Here’s where you can enter the most popular Tatra valleys: Kościeliska and Chochołowska. You can have a stroll with your children or head for the higher parts of the mountains. Kościelisko is quite near to the High Tatras too if you want to conquer these more demanding rocky ridges. Wierchowa Chata will give you some useful trail maps and various hints on where you should go to discover the most beautiful parts of the Tatra Mountains. And Kościelisko itself is extremely easy to reach for instance from Cracow, either by bus or by airport transfer, taking you straight to the door of our cottage.

Skiing, snowboarding, sledging

If you want to learn how to ski, yet avoid all these nasty crowds of big resorts, choose Kościelisko. Wierchowa Chata will give you peace and quiet you need. Modern ski stations such as Witów-Ski or Polana Biały Potok are just nearby, the same as many other well-prepared slopes, perfect both for beginners and intermediate skiers. If you feel like some sledging, you can do it directly on-site.

Ski touring and cross-country skiing

Did you know that Kościelisko is the cradle of the Polish biathlon and cross-country skiing? These traditions are still cultivated to this day, and the region is rich in marvellously beautiful pistes where you can go cross-country or back country skiing. You will find there all the infrastructure needed. On the spot, you can rent equipment, book lessons with professional instructors or even take part in a competition for amateurs. Cross-country skiing is a formidable way of spending your winter holidays actively. If you’re a keen skier, then Kościelisko is your place to be.

Extreme emotions

If a kick of adrenaline rushing through your veins sounds like something for you, the Tatras are your paradise. You can climb natural rocks here, go off-road, ride a quad or a snowmobile… Or you know what? Gather your courage and bravado together, for there is something totally crazy that you should definitely try. Scenic flights from the nearby airport – you can choose from amongst gliders, balloons or planes. We’ll gladly help you select and organise any attraction of your choice so that your stay in the Polish Tatras can become an unforgettable adventure.

Thermal pools

Southern Poland, the mountain region of Podhale, is so much more than the Tatras, skiing and highlanders only. It’s also true high quality relaxation. Bathing in thermal waters is certainly what your body and soul would enjoy greatly. Apart from the hot waters coming from the very core of the earth, there’s also a rich choice of leisure attractions for children and adults alike and various SPA & Wellness Zones with Jacuzzi, saunas, massages and treatments.

Sleigh rides and regional events

If you’re fond of letting your hair down when the evening comes, we can offer you a wide palette of various acitivities to enjoy during your holiday. On the spot, we can organise a campfire or a barbecue party, of course, but we’ll be most happy to give you a bunch of places and companies which will organise for you and your relatives a unique sleigh ride or any other, equally unforgettable attraction, like for instance a highlander evening

Horse riding

Exploring the region on horseback can be a great experience, indeed. There are a few stables around where you will surely find lots of fun. Perhaps something you initially perceived as a one-time try will turn into a great life passion. Children and adult beginners are offered individual lessons, and more experienced horsemen can set off on a trip along the wild paths pampering their eyes with mountain landscapes.

Culinary excursions

And last but not least, the culinary wonders of the region. The Tatra Mountains are famous for the oscypek cheese, made of smoked ewe’s milk, produced from May up until October, but the local cuisine has much more to offer than that. Both Kościelisko and its surroundings tempt you with a whole myriad of places where you can taste the regional cooking. And when the evening comes, why don’t you head for Zakopane, bursting with life, full of soulful cafés and pubs where you can have a whale of a time in a truly highlander style?