Wierchowa Chata Kościelisko dom góralski z widokiem na Tatry 97

Cottage for exclusive use

max. 15 persons / 300m2

An ideal solution if you’re planning a stay with a bunch of friends or a larger number of relatives or if you want to organise a small event in a unique place. Rent Wierchowa Chata for your exclusive use and enjoy the charm of this highlander house, the stunning views around and of course the undisturbed privacy.

  • max. 15 persons in rooms with private bathrooms

  • two quadruple rooms

  • triple room

  • two double rooms

  • bedclothes, bath and hand towels

  • hair-dryers, soaps

  • shared fireplace room with kitchen and dining room

  • ordering breakfast on request

  • campfire area, grill

  • garden with playground

  • car park

  • WiFi

  • TV

Additional information

Renting the whole cottage for your exclusive use is especially recommended for such occasions as for example Christmas, Easter in the mountains, birthday, anniversary or team-building stay with your company. The house is large enough for 15 people. Apart from the attractions to be enjoyed together indoors and outdoors, we can also offer you other fantastic things, such as sleigh rides, scenic flights or regional feasts. Details of renting the house for your exclusive use are always agreed individually. If you’re interested in the offer, please e-mail us:
koscielisko.pokoje@gmail.com or call us: +48 516 313 336.